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Harnessing High Throughput Sequencing for Multiplexed Specimen Analysis (Provisional)
   With Greg Hannon
Self-optimized Base Caller for Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms (Provisional)
   With Greg Hannon and Partha Mitra



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Compressed Genotyping
   Yaniv Erlich, Assaf Gordon, Michael Brand, Gregory J. Hannon & Partha P. Mitra
    IEEE Transaction on information theory. (To appear Feb 2010).
    [preprint] [arXiv - older version] [related riddle]
Joubert Syndrome 2 (JBTS2) in Ashkenazi Jews Is Associated with a TMEM216 Mutation
    Simon Edvardson, Avraham Shaag, Shamir Zenvirt, Yaniv Erlich, Gregory J. Hannon et al.
   American Journal of Human Genetics. 2009.
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Hierarchical rules for Argonaute loading in Drosophila
    Benjamin Czech, Rui Zhou, Yaniv Erlich, Julius Brennecke, Richard Binari et al.
   Molecular Cell. 2009.
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Compressed Sensing Approach for High Throughput Carrier Screen
    Yaniv Erlich, Noam Shental, Amnon Amir & Or Zuk
    Invited paper for Forty-Seventh Annual Allerton Conference. 2009.
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Cell Contact-Dependent Acquisition of Cellular and Viral Non-Autonomously encoded Small RNAs
   Oded Rechavi*, Yaniv Erlich*, Hila Amram*, Lena Flomenblit, Fedor V. Karginov et al.
   Genes and Development. 2009.
    [paper] [Bootstrap data - coming soon] [Faculty 1000] [Science Signaling] [BibTeX]
DNA Sudoku - harnessing high-throughput sequencing for multiplexed specimen analysis
   Yaniv Erlich, Kenneth Chang, Assaf Gordon, Roy Ronen, Oron Navon, Michelle Rooks & Gregory J. Hannon
   Genome Research. 2009.
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   News and Views:   [Nature Biotechnology] [Nature Reviews Genetics] [Nature Methods]
   Genomics community:   [In-Sequence feature] [GenomeWeb feature]
   Public Media:   [Scientific American] [Newsday] [Science Daily]
Alta-Cyclic: a self-optimizing base caller for next generation sequecing
   Yaniv Erlich, Partha P. Mitra, Melissa delaBastide, W Richard McCombie & Gregory J. Hannon
   Nature Methods. 2008.
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A role for microRNAs in maintenance of mouse mammary epithelial progenitor cells
   Ingrid Ibarra, Yaniv Erlich, Senthil K. Muthuswamy, Ravi Sachidanandam & Gregory J. Hannon
   Genes and Development. 2007.
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Thesis: Compressed Sequencing
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Unpublished Material

List of the ~140 characters in the novel Past Continuous by Yaakov Shabtai
   Includes the page number that first describes each character.
    I have also a family tree in hand-writing. Hope to publish it soon.
   In Hebrew. 2009.
   [Excel sheet]
Review on integrins and their role in tumor microenvironment
   As part of my qualifying exam. 2007.