nxCode - DNA Barcode Designer and Decoder

for Next-Gen Sequencing

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nxCode - DNA Barcode Designer and Decoder

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nxCode is a DNA barcode-set design and decode tool, optimized for experiments on next-gen sequencers. nxCode allows the user to produce sets of barcodes, and then decode results from experiments incorporating these barcodes.

nxCode and this website allow you to:

1. Download DNA barcode sets optimized for experiments using Illumina's Genome Analyzer(Solexa).
2. Design your own barcode sets (meeting your own custom constraints) using nxCodeBuilder.
3. Decode your data after sequencing, using  nxDecoder.
What is nxCode for?
nxCode is meant to be used when sequencing DNA from multiple sources in a single run on a next-gen sequencer. Samples from each source can be assigned unique "barcodes" (short DNA tags, usually up to 10 nucleotides in length, that are attached to each sample by PCR before sequencing).  After sequencing, the barcodes can be used to determine the origins of each sequence.
The barcodes are designed so that each barcode will still be uniquely identifiable even after the introduction of sequencing errors and oligonucleotide synthesis errors.
Barcodes currently available on this website are optimized for Illumina's Genome Analyzer, but are also suitable for use on other platforms.
Oron Navon (oronn@bgu.ac.il)
Roy Ronen   (royr@bgu.ac.il)
Yaniv Erlich (erlich@cshl.edu)
Mitchell Bekritsky (bekritsk@cshl.edu)
Useful links
nxCode was developed in the Hannon Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.